Client Testimonials

SFE Client Testimonials

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for giving us a wonderful gift this winter. We now have a home that is free of drafts and actually is warm. We keep the temp at 65 degrees and we are comfortable. During this cold winter I am sure we are going to save 50% in our heating cost.

Jim Bausam
Facility Engineer
Lockheed Martin

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No seams and no leaks in our foam roof not to mention that our bills to condition the facility are half of what they use to be. We are very pleased with our decision to go with foam and in spite of adding many new HVAC units to the roof over the last 8 years we have yet to have any leaks. We appreciate the quality job by John Bissetta Enterprises and their willingness to be there when we need them as we continue to install new equipment to the roof top.

Allen Sweeney
Facility Manager
Scan Source, Inc.

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Extremely Pleased
We are extremely pleased with our first ever EPDM restoration coating system for our cafeteria roof. Michelin has always replaced all of its roofs with new rubber roofs but decided to try a silicone coating restoration system that was much less expensive and less intrusive. It also allowed us to turn a hot black roof white which has made the 20,000 sf cafeteria much more comfortable in the summer months. We were also able to expense the restoration as opposed to going thru the long and difficult capital improvement process. Many thanks to Jack Bissetta and his company for a job well done.

Jerry Cargile
Facility Engineer
Michelin North America
US 1 Plant

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Would Not Hesitate
This is the first time that this particular 100,000 sf of roof that is littered with penetrations has not leaked. I was skeptical when first back in 1999 when our corporate facility engineer suggested that we try a foam roof to get that area under control. More than 10 years later and still no problems. I would not hesitate to recommend foam and John Bissetta Enterprises to anyone.

Jamie Camper
Plant Engineer
Reeves Brothers, Inc.

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Looks Fantastic
Jack thanks to you and your crew for a great job and for working under difficult conditions. My parents and I are thrilled with the new foam roof on their home and it looks fantastic. They said their home is comfortable for the first time and for a fraction of what they were paying before. I can't believe they lived with that ugly industrial looking roof for so long.

Amy Carson

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